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Low Frequency 808 Semiconductor Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine , 12mm X 20mm
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Product: Views:21Low Frequency 808 Semiconductor Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine , 12mm X 20mm 
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Low Frequency 808 Semiconductor Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine , 12mm X 20mm


Product Description

Professional Diode laser hair removal moult beauty machine (808nm, CE)

diode laser treatment machine


Brief Introduction

808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument can in lower energy density mode will be heated to the hair follicle and °C, through the treatment of hand with low energy sliding a period of time (in the low frequency condition) hair follicle stem cells and growth is lose growth activity, so as to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal.



Working Principle

Semiconductor freezing point depilatory instrument adopts 808 nm wavelength, the wavelength effective penetration depth can achieve target tissue (hair papilla), appropriate pulse duration security target tissue generate enough thermal damage and surrounding tissues almost not affected; A moderate amount of energy density security in the suitable time to provide strong enough energy output enough to damage the target tissue and normal tissue is almost not affected; Suitable skin protection measures to guarantee the target tissue enough damage, and skin almost not affected, so as to ensure the safety of the treatment.


Feature and Advantage

1)Frozen environment , High-speed unhairing reduce pain truly minimally invasive .

2)Center wavelength of 808nm through the skin effect hair papilla directly and removal efficiency is higher than other hair removal device .

3)Use the 1800W power with the 500W semiconductor laser power supply  high frequency and high efficiency light

4)The compressor condenser that handle constant temperature cooling without intermittent work, more suitable for professional medical establishments.

5)Using the sliding and function handles ,continuous light sliding operation removal without from the site of action .



Permanent Hair removal of all body part : beard, lips,arm ,leg ,armpit hair,bikini line and so on .Improve pigment ,dark color of the mole ,burgundy birthmarks and other symptoms

Type of laser

Continuous semiconductor laser





Pulse width


Spot size

12mm X 20mm

Handle cooling system

semiconductor cooling



Energy density

0-120J/cm 3

Laser power


Cooling system

constant temperature cooling

Input power




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