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Bipolar RF E light IPL Smooth / Brighten Skin Beauty Equipment / Machine
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Product: Views:19Bipolar RF E light IPL Smooth / Brighten Skin Beauty Equipment / Machine 
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Bipolar RF E light IPL Smooth / Brighten Skin Beauty Equipment / Machine



  IPL hair removal machines
1. IPL, Bipolar RF, strong refrigeration equipment;
2. hair removal and skin rejuvenation


 newest design IPL hair removal machines




E-Light theory

1.Face lifting ,Wrinkle Removal:Regina wrinkle removal system makes use of E light and RF technology,providing with ideal temperature scatter for deep dermis layer,helpful for the exact treatment for targeted tissue, effective for deep dermis and connective tissues. It will stimulate collagen and make it rebirth without affecting the formal skin. It will safely remove wrinkle and

improve skin texture.


2.Remove deep spot,epidermis spot,skin whitening ,Red blood streak : Regina wrinkle removing system makes use of E light Technology, making IPL and RF release the energy at the same time, after being selectively absorbed of the light, then will function on various lesion tissue of dermis. In

the premise of safety(not hurt of skin ),It will remove various pigmentation and angioedema spot

on the face, simultaneously , stimulating collagen tissues to make it rebirth, the skin will recover elasticity, making the facial skin lifting , The patients will re-coruscate healthy spirit .


3.Depilation :E light Depilation removes the hair by Light and RF energy, which can function on

hair shaft and hair follicle. No matter of the hair color. The System can remove effectively even

 for white hair.


4.Acne treatment :Making use of short wavelength to kill propionibacterium in Acne , and using

the cooperated function of red light ,ultra-red ray and RF current to decrease activity of sebaceous gland and remove the pigmentation sediment , stimulating the collagen to make it hyperplasia.

Then will receive sound treatment result.



Treatment scope

1. Effectively treat facial red blood streak (angiotelectasis),remove the red face symptom;

2. Effectively shrink rough pore ,eliminate or decrease the Acne Scar.

3.Thicken the skin collagen ,recover the skin elasticity;

4. To most extent , remove or eliminate freckle, age spot, etc. ;

5 .To most extent , remove or eliminate pigment sediment caused by sunburn, whiten the skin.




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