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1064nm YAG Long-Pulse Laser E Light IPL Machines For Body Hair Removal
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1064nm YAG Long-Pulse Laser E Light IPL Machines For Body Hair Removal


Product Description

Portable hair removal beauty machine (IPL+RF+Laser)

1. IPL RF E-light, ND: YAG Laser Quality guarantee
2. IPL RF E-light, ND: YAG Laser Good after-sales service
3. IPL RF E-light, ND: YAG Laser OEM manufacture
4. IPL RF E-light, ND: YAG Laser with CE approve

1. E-light (IPL+RF) plus ND: YAG long-pulse (1064nm) laser,
2. 4 functions in one,
3. New design hand hold long-pulse laser cavity,
4. Powerful IPL energy output
5. Hair removal guarantee
6. Effective cooling system
7. Super effective design with super effective result

IPL use light selective absorption theory to work on the targeted tissue or problem without doing any harm to other normal skin organization. Pigmentation and other broken tissue will be destroyed and go out of body by circulation system.

IPLs biological stimulation function works on skin and results in light-biology action which changes the inner construction of fiber and collagen to stimulate collagen growth and recover its elasticity.

Energy of Intense pulsed light will be transmitted through hair body to its bottom. The fast rising high temperature helps to destroy the hair bottom to make hair removal for ever.

The energy of Q-switched ND: YAG Laser is high power, long-pulsed ND: YAG medical laser, which gives you a great opportunity to treat hair removal in all kinds.

1. Eliminates wrinkles, strain skin and face promotion
2. Remove splash deeply, remove surface splash, whiten and soften the skin, treat tlangiectasis
3. Acne ttreatment, improve the sensitive skin effectively
4. Remove unwanted body hair absolutely
5. Facial and leg veins

1. Computer auto-testing system, make sure all the function work well
2. 8.4 inch TFT true colour touch screen
3. Two handpiece apperarance free to choose, optimized cavity design, better irradiance effciency and treatment effects.
4. Water and Electricity integrated Pin: More convenient and make replacement safer.
5. Semi-conductor and water cooling system, alleviate at morst extent
6. CE standard Power supply: Good compatibility of electromagnetism and low radiation
7. Integrative design: Easy to maintain and replace
8. Integrative water tank; Higher efficiency and better cooling efficac
9. 3.5m Water Pump; Offer good cooling spport to the handpiece
10. Integrative sealed Rdiator; With high efficiency and safety.

Handpiece option
Filter handpiece
Standard filters:
Handpiece with sapphire(4 sapphires)
only function handpiece Fine wavelength, highpower, more shots
Long-pulse laser handpiece patent effect to remove hair, and also tattoo

Name Lumina E-light plus Laser
Handpiece E-light handpiece
Laser handpiece
Cavity Super intense pulsed light
Range of Spectrum 430-1200nm
530-1200nm: Speckle treatment
560-1200nm: Skin rejuvenator
590-1200nm: Remove vascular
640-1200nm: Remove unwanted hair
IPL energy 60J/cm2
Spot size 8× 40mm2/12× 32mm2/16× 50mm2
RF frequency 1MHz
RF energy 100J
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Laser energy 10-75J
Laser Duration 10-40ms
Laser frequency 1Hz, 0.5Hz
Pulse number 1~10, adjustable
Pulse interval 1~100ms, adjustable
Sub-pulse width 0.1~10.0ms, adjustable
Output rate 1~3 seconds, adjustable
Cooling system Semiconductor+water+wind
Cooling -5° C~15° C
Screen 8.4inch color touch screen
Power supply 110/220V+10% 60Hz 6A
Weight 32kg
Dimension 45cm× 46cm× 42cm
Weight net: 32kg


Packing and delivery
Packing detail: Black aluminium alloy plain case
Delivery detail: 7 days after payment



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